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Founded in 2002 by Jude Kelly CBE, we have been active in Liverpool since 2004, in Southend-on-Sea since 2007 and in Peterborough since 2012. In each place, we work from buildings of historic significance that we have transformed from empty or derelict spaces into vibrant cultural community hubs. From these bases, we work to provide the catalyst that can transform the potential of people and places through art and inspiring ideas.

We aim to help build stronger, healthier and happier communities, through art, culture and creativity. We believe that everyone deserves a rich and cultural life, and where you live should not be a barrier to this. We hold time and space for artists of all ages and backgrounds to forge new ideas and realise their potential. Our approach celebrates place, builds local connections and nurtures talent, encouraging experimentation, collaboration and co-creation.

We support diverse artists from the UK and overseas to strengthen their practice and amplify their voice, offering both local and global perspectives through creative projects to stimulate curiosity and opportunities to learn. We emphasise the freedom to experiment and explore without a prescribed outcome, whilst encouraging conversation and collaboration. Bringing creative thinkers together, we work to ensure that this investment in people and their ideas makes a real and lasting contribution to the wider social, political, educational, environmental and economic issues of the towns and cities where they work.

At Metal, we recognise that the most impactful and relevant work often comes from building connections and exchange across all different parts of community and place. We operate through a wide range of partnerships, including local authorities and agencies. We also have strong working relationships with other arts organisations, community groups, schools and HE and FE institutions.

Our Partners include:
Arts Council England
Liverpool City Council
Southend-on-Sea City Council
Peterborough City Council