Online life drawing - How to draw strangers

On 27 August 2010 at Metal Liverpool, Edge Hill Station, artist Hayley Louise Goodsell ran 'Online drawing - How to draw strangers', a drawing workshop for all levels and abilities.

Chatroulette is an online service that pairs strangers at random for webcam-based conversations, matching you with people from all over the world for video, audio, text and chat. Visitors to the website can begin an online conversation and at any point either user may leave the current chat and initiate another random connection.

Workshop participants were connected as a group to a Chatroulette style website via a projector and had 3 minutes to draw each stranger that appeared. It required fast-paced drawing skills, and explored voyeristic boundaries through drawing people from all over the world over the internet.

Below are some videos from the workshop.  Please be warned the videos contain nudity and swearing and are unsuitable for viewers under 18.


See all the videos here.