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Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is looking for artists of all art forms to deliver commissions of up to £5k as part of Planet B, Peterborough’s Green Festival initiative.

The charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) exists to protect and enhance the environment, in Peterborough and beyond. PECT has organised a Green Festival in the city for 24 years and aims to continue this into the future as a way of engaging the public on important issues.  This year the Green Festival approach will take the form of Planet B (as in there is no Planet B): a series of events, debates, a conference and artistic commissions all over a fortnight from 29th July to 12th August.  A curatorial team, including arts organisation Metal, has come together to help programme the festival and oversee the commissions.

We have 6 – 10 commissions of up to £5k each, available to artists interested in creating work for the festival. To ensure the local relevance of the program we are particularly interested in commissioning projects which will explore the environmental challenges of climate change and the de-growth agenda. Greater information about this and the locally identified research themes can be found in the full application details on the PECT website:

Artists Fees

Each artist will receive a fee of up to £5,000. This fee is to cover research and development, travel and expenses, engagement, production and materials. All of the commissions, where appropriate, should include community-engagement, whether through research, collaboration or the sharing of skills through workshop activity.

Artists must have the following:

  1. Track record of socially engaged practice with experience of working in collaboration with communities and audiences
  2. Interest in environment and issues around climate change and the Degrowth agenda
  3. Experience of producing work which is accessible yet challenging for audiences and participants -potentially with a focus on activism

The deadline for application is Sunday 26th March at 5pm. For further details on the background to the festival and how to apply please visit: 

Download the brief here. 

Artist Commissions: Planet B