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Abby Forman and James Alston

Abby is a writer, actor, fine artist, and theatre maker who has created work for stage, TV, film and audio as well as her own stand-up comedy, which she has performed from Bath, England, to Brisbane, Australia. Through all of this she has found her passion in the immersive. 


Inspired by, and having worked alongside, world-renowned immersive companies such as Punchdrunk and SPECIFIQ, Abby is keen to create her own interpretation of what it means to be “immersed” in theatre and strives to turn the passive audience into an active one. In the current political and social climate communities and individuals are beginning to make their voices heard. It is the relevance of turning spectators into activists that makes this genre of theatre so exciting, enabling the audience to have their own agency within a piece where they can follow whichever actor and whichever story they choose.


As an emerging immersive theatre practitioner with a keen interest in the world beyond our own, Abby has teamed up with writer James Alston to co-create a new, interactive piece with a working title of: “The Harvest”. During their residency, Abby and James will be researching and developing “The Harvest” exploring local and international folklore, vampire legend and the genre of magical realism. The play will explore themes of competing ideologies – traditionalism versus radicalism – making it relevant to today’s complex cultural and political climate. Set in a mysterious commune, the audience enter a strange world of secret rituals and dark magic. Exploring this genre in an immersive medium gives the audience a chance to connect with the supernatural like never before but also, this project gives practitioners the opportunity to discover hidden truths in magical legends and what influence they have had on our modern world. In a world where science is called magic, what will you believe?


To keep up to date with the progress of “The Harvest” and other work, follow both @MissAbbyForman and @JamesAlston5 on Twitter