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Adelin Schweitzer

Adelin Schweitzer lives and works in Marseille.  Recently graduated from the Fine Arts Higher School of Aix-en-Provence, he is of the generation that grew up with the explosion of data processing, video games and new communication systems.  His work is informed by a fascination with electronics, mechanics and data which he uses to present manipulated data and recycled images to create for the viewer artificial realities.

Adelin was in residence with Metal in Liverpool for three weeks during September 2008 as part of a wider project that linked 6 port cities around the world through artist’s exchanges.  The Cities on the Edge project included Liverpool, Marseille, Istanbul, Gdansk, Naples and Stavanger and linked arts organisations and artists in each city.   Adelin was invited to use the time and space at Metal to develop ideas around his project Augmented Reality.  Accompanied by two collaborating artists, Cedric Lachasse and Antonie Villeret (also from Marseille), Adelin developed a specially designed device for participants to wear on their head, attached to a laptop carried in a backpack.  The device, based on a Virtual Reality machine manipulates the wearer’s perception of their environment using graphic and sound distortions taken from the immediate surroundings.

The residency allowed the artists to work together on the creation of the device, as well as providing a number of opportunities to test it out on participants in different locations including Edge Hill Station in Liverpool, and at Village Green festival in Southend on Sea.  The results of these two public outings for the device were presented to an audience of artists and scientists in a seminar discussion at Edge Hill Station.