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Al and Al

AL and AL investigate the shaping forces of fantasy and reality: they create dream worlds that plunge the spectator into a virtual world of dizzy dimensions. Since 2001 they have exhibited internationally in galleries, site-specific installations, film festivals and television.


In 2006 AL and AL came on a visit with Metal to the empty semi-derelict Edge Hill Station in Liverpool in the search for an inspiring studio space.  Falling in love with the history and atmosphere of the site, they worked with Metal to achieve a 25 year peppercorn lease on the buildings.  Shortly after that, they moved their blue screen performance studio into platforms 3 & 4 of Edge Hill station for the production of their critically acclaimed Eternal Youth solo exhibition at FACT which then toured to the National Art Museum of China in Beijing.


During Liverpool’s Year as European Capital of Culture in 2008, Metal opened the station buildings to the public on Platform 3 & 4 with a series of group exhibitions curated by AL and AL as part of their residency. The Lost Ark and the Invisible Reading Room simulated the ‘open studio exhibition’ revealing the inspiration behind the Eternal Youth work which was on show at FACT in synchronicity. The artists followed this with a critically acclaimed site specific group exhibition called Horse Power which brought together local and international artists, exploring the station as the site from which human transportation replaced natural horse power for machine power. The year concluded with a solo exhibition of Mary Fitzpatrick’s Belfast Pictures celebrating the role the Irish workers played in building the railway.

Their residency extended over three year (2006-2009) and included the complete renovation of the buildings on Platforms 1 & 2 at Edge Hill Station, for which they curated the inaugral exhibition named after the local scouse pun XXX: Get Off At Edge Hill .  The exhibition explored modern sexual, mechanical and industrial metaphors – as suggeste by the title.

In 2009 AL and AL won the Liverpool Art Prize 09 for an exhibition at NOVAS which included their new ANAGLYPH AVATAR series produced during their Metal residency.