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Alinah Azadeh

Alinah Azadeh is a visual artist, writer and performer, using textile, interaction and storytelling to open up fresh ways of reflecting on our social and cultural identities. Alongside her sculptural and drawing practice, she has spent much of her public practice developing interdisciplinary ways of fostering creative, social and political agency in the communities she works with, via installations and interventions on subjects ranging from grief, loss and debt to gender equality and migration.


During the residency she will be working on We See You Now, an autobiographical, cross art-form project, rooted in a draft book project narrating the powerful ripple effects of her Iranian mother’s life and sudden death in the 2004 Asian Tsunami on Alinah’s life and work through the visual and live artworks she has created over the last fifteen years.


She will draw on her book themes of sudden loss, trans-national (British-Iranian) identity and history and our relationship to coastal climate change (the sea, rivers, estuaries) as site of trauma and loss as well as healing and rejuvenation. She is looking to develop and use her own story to create a touring, audience –focused work using collective future imaginaries, fictions and intimate performance, as tools in facing cataclysmic, personal and ecological events, trauma and crises.

At Metal, she will be writing, editing, recording, scratch performing and inviting  and seeking dramaturgical/other input from artists and those in the vicinity with whom her themes resonate.