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Annette Fry

Annette Fry is a multidisciplinary artist, experienced in site-specific installation and participation using sculpture, video, sound, and performance. Her work has explored the landscape of memory and loss together with perception of self at the boundary of the external world and our internal space.  It has expanded to connect to global issues, the world around us, cycles of movement, time and space.

For a number of years Annette has witnessed the arrival of the Brent Geese in Leigh on Sea and researched their journey of migration.  Last year she saw the arrival of the Whooper and Bewick Swans in Norfolk after their travels from Siberia and she watched the effortless dance of the swallows through the glass roof as she struggled with yoga exercises.  The continuous movement of these birds echoes that of the journey of humanity over the 1,000’s of years of its’ existence.  We seek safety and stability but have moved across the earth, through famine, war, drought or disaster. We were nomadic; we followed seasons, natural harvests and herds.  We may have to return to this way.

Annette will spend time observing and documenting the stories of birds and humanity to see if she can find the spaces where we overlap, the spaces we share in our momentous and often perilous journeys across the globe. Refugees seeking refuge.   Immigrants migrating.  This may take the form of drawing, writing, song, interviews, photography and video and whatever weaves the story together.  Who knows where the journey may lead…