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Arianne Churchman and Chloe Langlois

Arianne Churchman and Chloe Langlois work across performance and film in search of the transformative and miraculous. Working as solo artists and as collaborators their works share trajectories in myth, folklore and in the invocation of visionary figures to create new ritual assemblages and cosmologies.

For their residency they will create a new ritual for the Peterborough Stone – a small Neolithic standing stone currently located outside Peterborough Museum – this however is not its original location. Working with archaeologists, historians, astronomers, stonemasons and local community groups they intend to chart a speculative history of the stone that will realign it with the earth, the heavens and its placement within time. The residency will culminate in a one off performance where a performative stone circle will be created, acting as a piece of living archaeology with which the community of Peterborough can engage.

Arianne was also one of the Harvest commissioned artists, find out about her commission here.