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Ash / Ella

We are Ash//Ella. We are a we. We merged our minds through our shared anticipation of the human convergence with technology. We use performative/interactive storytelling to configure our connection to the corporeal and virtual realms in which we roam.  Our research embodies the interplay of physical and cyber materiality which formulates outcomes that sit between video, writing, installation, performance and most recently augmented reality. We often construct our work through analogue means then manipulate and configure it to sit within the digital dimension. Our collaboration initialised three years ago and has developed into a sprawling network of research, fiction and cyberspace. The interactive nature of our outputs are intended as a way of disrupting the passivity that can come with viewing and experiencing art, especially when viewed through screens. Our work always has a co-dependency with its audience and the finalisation of the work comes from the public interaction.