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Aušra Kleizaitė

Originally from Kaunas, Lithuania, Aušra Kleizaitė (b. 1972) is a contemporary visual artist, working in the field of textile, drawing and sculpture. Initially, trained as a printmaker and textile artist, she creates expressive works on paper that explore the intersections of Western and Eastern aesthetics and cultures. Sometimes, these drawings grow into three-dimensional objects and can become part of installations. Since 2002 Aušra has been living and working between the Baroque capital and largest city in Lithuania – Vilnius and the mysterious overgrown jungles of India. In 2013 Aušra visited Odisha, a state of India that descended from the historical kingdom of Kalinga, and fell in love with its cultural richness. The yearly travel between Lithuania and India provides Aušra with new perspectives on human experience, culture, relationships and everyday life. Her body of work reflects Aušra’s interest in the human condition and various states of being: spiritual and social. Her creative process is based on four main principles – story, aesthetic, light and emotion. Aušra uses simple materials, such as paper, charcoal, pastel – to tell complex stories. Her artistic practice is an endless process of exploration in the drawing’s ability to express and reflect a full range of ideas and emotions: war and peace, death and life, hate and love, failure and belief.

Aušra Kleizaitė has organised solo shows as well as actively participated in many group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, including Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Ukraine, Georgia and India. In 2004 among other young artists from various countries Aušra was awarded the UNESCO-Aschberg Fellowship and in the same year she was awarded “The Best Art Work of The Year 2003” (Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania) for her object “The Art of Being a Girl”. A number of Aušra’s works are in private collections worldwide.

About my art work at Metal Liverpool

In 2014 I started a series of drawings called ‘windows’ – with the idea that this series of drawings are always in process.

It is a number of portraits of real people, which may seem ordinary, but each person is a hero of their lives. I want to point to how important it is to see and to show (for me as an artist) each personality as deep as humans are – sensitive, spiritual, soft, wild, loving, hating, with all types of cultural and social backgrounds they carry with them…

For me it is just as important to keep that sensitivity, to keep that the most modest form of love and to show it … to point it to the people – what are we losing by being on the run, drowned in the enormous amounts of unnecessary information.

Sensitivity and beauty can be seen everywhere and we can find it in each other eyes. That is why the portrait of a human is the best landscape, abstraction, installation and a performance for me; as much a magic invention as a medical view… The portrait can be transformed into many visual art forms too, from very realistic drawing to very conceptual form of a sound art.

In Liverpool I will be continuing my drawings, but first of all I want to meet local people, from different communities, backgrounds, ages and views.

In Liverpool I will continue the part which I love the most, observing people, meeting and communicating and understanding them.

As we all are connected my idea and process is to point the importance of that connection for better physical, mental and spiritual wealth.

Aušra will be in residence as part of the Cre-Art Residency opportunity in partnership with Liverpool City Council. More information here: