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Black Lives Matter Southend – Southend Art Collective for Social Change

Hello, we are Black Lives Matter Southend, and we are creating a short film in conjunction with the ‘Southend Art Collective for Social Change’. We want to hear from members of the Southend community about their opinion on the BLM movement.


About our project:

The purpose of our project is not to divide the community; actually quite the opposite. Our project is a socially distant community outreach project which will be filmed and formed into a piece of art. We want to hear everyones opinion on this matter not just opinions that fit a certain narrative.


The intention of our project is to bring the community together with honest and open conversation. Without open conversation and debate, the issue of race and how we as a community speak to each other about this topic will continue to be difficult.


As an organisation, we recognise that OF COURSE all lives matter, but if all lives matter then black lives must matter too. We are living in a time where people feel unsafe in their own community due to the colour of their skin, and we strive to eliminate that fear and start a conversation.


A conversation between people of all races, all backgrounds, all classes, all genders and sexualities and nationalities. We need to stop pointing out our differences, and celebrate what makes us a community.


Having a conversation with people who have a range of opinions and experiences is so important; if we keep on talking to people with the exact same opinion as us then we cannot progress as a community.