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Brant Tilds and Beshuar Hassan have been working with Metal Peterborough over the last year or so on a music-based residency. Beshuar Hassan, a traditional Kurdish musician from Iraq and Brant Tilds, a Jazz trumpet player from Detroit, met each other in the United Kingdom and formed a deep bond of friendship through the common ground of music. They formed a duo, became Artists in Residence at Metal (Peterborough). We supported their application to ACE to help support the residency.
They were beginning to make work when the pandemic arrived and they had to change the way they worked and created. We supported them in exploring different potential outputs. This podcast details where they are on their journey. They are still hoping to come to Peterborough and perform live at some point and are keen to do this as part of demonstrating how music can bring different cultures and journeys together. They created the podcast below as part of the Journey’s Festival


They hope to do a live performance / sharing at Metal in Peterborough at some point in the future.