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Carmen Papalia

Carmen Papalia is an artist and disability advocate who uses organising strategies and improvisation to address his access to public space, the art institution, and visual culture. His socially engaged practice is an effort to unlearn visual primacy and resist support options that promote ablest concepts of normalcy.


Carmen’s work takes the form of participatory public projects from walks, workshops and interventions, to model new standards and practices in the area of accessibility. Designing experiences that invite participants to expand their perceptual mobility and to claim access to public and institutional spaces. Previous works have included a performance where he replaces his white cane with a marching band that serves as his navigation system in unfamiliar public places, Mobility Device (2013), and in 2015 Carmen conducted an unsolicited accessibility audit of the Vancouver Art Gallery with a group of artists from Gallery Gachet.


Carmen is keen to meet people in Peterborough, activists and socially engaged artists. He has a particular interest in social activism where people have put their bodies on the line.


Details of events:


17th October: Artist Talk and Dinner

Join artist and disability advocate Carmen Papalia for an evening of conversation and food.  Find out about his practice, areas of research and what he plans to do whilst in residence at Metal. More info here. 


20th October: Blind Field Shuttle – a performative walk

Whilst in Peterborough Carmen will be delivering a non-visual promenade performance on Sunday 20th October, starting from Metal at 2pm. If you would like to hear more about this, please let us know. Full details here.