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Caroline Bergvall

<strong>Caroline Bergvall</strong> is at Chalkwell Hall this week as Metal’s artist in residency developing a new work, RAGA DAWN sunrise performance.

RAGA DAWN is a sunrise vocal performance written by Caroline Bergvall to be performed outdoors from the last hours of night until the very early morning. The composition is for two voices (spoken and sung) and a composer / instrumentalist to accompany the rising of day.

RAGA DAWN is co-produced by Metal (UK) and Festival de la Batie (Geneva, CH) and will premiere at Metal’s large-scale Estuary festival in Sept 2016. The following Summer 2017, the performance will be performed as a travelling trajectory across 10-12 sites from Iceland to Marocco following the length of sunrise at varying latitudes.

The project as a whole is being conceptualised by Caroline Bergvall (initiator and lead artist) and Michèle Pralong (artistic collaborator). With support from Arts Council England and Ville de Geneve. UK project manager: Michelle Hirschhorn-Smith.

The change from dark to dusk to light, the transformation of shadows into outlines into shapes, all this brings about a complex range of experience which calls up the large rhythmic patterns between beings, nature and society and the powerful interplay of life, death and the ghosts in-between.

This first residency at Metal is an opportunity to take stock of the research already done on this project. The week will be spent exploring some of Caroline Bergvall’s key ideas behind the performance’s development, its collective connection, its narrative root into orphic myths and transcultural love songs, and the unique text and voice practices she is working on for it. Research by project’s artistic collaborator Michele Pralong will bring up the very specific trajectory put into place and will link it to questions of ecological arts, body rhythms, social clocks, as well as experiences of syncope, arrythmia. Special research contributors during the week include: Marj McDaid, voice and breath coach and Anne Portugal, French poet and translator as well as Nathalie Koble, French medieval scholar.