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Caroline Wendling

Caroline explores ideas of place and belonging through a variety of mediums. She is interested in the movement of the body in the landscape and how the movement in time and space affects our perception of that landscape. Caroline creates site-specific participatory performances. She takes her audience on a physical, sensory and emotional journey; leaving both the participant and the audience with a poetic encounter and a story to tell.

Caroline has been attempting to capture “the essence of what we mean by place”. Her practice is focused on creating works that are fragile and transient, creating experiences and discussion as well as objects, often through an educational methodology.

Whilst at Metal Caroline plans to develop a new project for Peterborough, researching the architectural elements of ‘the balcony’. She is interested in the balcony as a place in between the domestic and the public, as a place to be seen and to see from.

Image by Ross Fraser MacLean