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Catherine Hoffman (Change Maker Artist)

Whilst in residence Catherin Hoffman will be researching and developing a new piece of work concerning her own sick body as ‘Madame Ovary’ in relation to female reproductivity and ageing.


This will be a new solo work using choreography, texts, possible video and may even be some kind of ‘musical’ –  CYSTER-ACT…

Egg cycle dances, hormonal balancing acts and an ovum choir with two other performers will be developed.


Catherine Hoffmann mixes performance, music, and text in a number of staged pieces as well as participatory works.

She is somewhat described as an elemental weather system. She uses personal material, family history, and humour. It seems the more bestial the work feels the more alive it becomes.

All her work, either solo or collaborative, uses choreography of the body and objects. She tries to push into ‘wildness’, investigating feminist ideas and discourse as well as absurdity.

Since 2013 she has been exploring challenging mental states such as loss, guilt and shame within her work.

Her latest touring solo – Free Lunch with the StenchWench explores shame in relation to class and poverty.

Her collaborative work with Florence Peake – Sex music and Wombmanifesting Kitchen – explores female embodiment to show women’s health, desire and empowerment.

In September 2017 she ran a LADA DIY residency for economically struggling artists and created a human flea circus at the Arc in Stockton.