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Cathy Lane and Nye Parry

Cathy Lane works primarily in sound, combining oral history, archival recordings, spoken word and environmental recordings to investigate histories, environments, our collective and individual memories and the forces that shape them. She is inspired by places or themes rooted in everyday experience and particularly interested in ‘hidden histories’ and historical amnesia and how this can be investigated from a feminist perspective through the medium of composed sound.  Nye Parry’s work focuses on navigable sonic structures, taking the form of sound installations and multimedia experiences.

Together Cathy and Nye will work together on the development of 90% (working title), a project which takes as its starting point the fact that 90% of everything that we consume travels by sea. They are proposing a sonic investigation of the hidden world of shipping, maritime culture and communications and the industries that have built up around the points where sea and land meet, focused around the Thames Estuary. They are working towards the production of a multichannel sound installation with added visual, archival and documentary elements and maybe a mobile version of the work. They will gather field recording, oral history, radio transmission and interviews to investigate relationships and attitudes to the Estuary and its maritime culture past and present.

90% builds on BEAM, a multichannel sound installation and artistic prototype which centred on the historic and contemporary cultures of the port of Kochi, Kerala, South India. BEAM was created in 2014 with art students from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore and was exhibited both in Bangalore and as a collateral event of the Kochi Biennale in 2015.