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Charmaine Childs

Charmaine Childs is a Strong Lady touring internationally as an independent artist since 2002. She trained in theatre at university, before focusing on outdoor arts festivals and circus/variety shows. Her primary work has been her solo show STRONG LADY which displays feats of strength performed with elegance and comedy.  Charmaine is currently relishing the opportunity to grow as an artist and is embarking on the creation of her first indoor theatre work entitled POWER (as well as continuing to create work for outdoor arts). The work is celebratory and interactive, using a mix of comedy with skills to build a connection with very diverse audiences. Her focus is on creating work that shows the strength in women, the gentleness in men and the ways that we are all much more the same than we are different.  Charmaine will use her residency to write and create the show in advance of working with a director and choreographer.  POWER is an exploration of strength (beyond lifting heavy things) as well as power (that doesn’t need to have power over someone else). The stories of the show will be both autobiographical and gathered from interviews with a wide range of people invited into Chalkwell Hall during the residency.