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Chloe Akasha Carson – Akasha Dance Theatre

Chloe Akasha Carson is the Director of Akasha Dance Theatre. Chloe has ten years of experience working as a dancer, choreographer and director. She trained from a young age in Vaganova (Russian) ballet, and completed three years of training at a dance school in Cambridgeshire, in RAD ballet, contemporary dance and musical theatre, as well as studying Butoh and Tanztheater. After graduation, she trained for one year at a Russian drama school, where she learnt principles of creating characters for stage and screen, as well as taking on various production duties, such as lighting/sound operation, costume design/production and set building.

During her residency, Chloe will develop Exoskeleton, a dance/physical theatre piece, inspired by neuroscience. She was inspired to choreograph the piece after personally developing a condition called FND, or Functional Neurological Disorder, which causes fainting and seizures, amongst other symptoms.  FND is a common disorder seen in outpatient neurology clinics and is widely misunderstood and neglected by society and the wider medical community.

In sharing the piece, Akasha Dance Theatre will raise awareness of FND, whilst sharing an artistic expression of real-life through dance.