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Clare Brumby

Fuelled by a fascination with human behaviour, how we connect and our capacity for transformation, Clare’s socially engaged, interdisciplinary practice is fundamentally concerned with processes, ideas and participation and, by exploring themes of activism, culture, identity, memory, ritual and displacement, Clare creates highly collaborative works that are often immersive, interactive and durational.

Clare will be using the Time and Space residency at Metal to further research, develop and plan a new live art project which aims to link India with her local community of Halewood, through Gandhian themes of non-violence, self-reliance and dialogue. The final project will consist of a number of interventions exploring the use of physical movement as a device to create greater visibility and enhanced human connections. In particular Clare will be exploring different forms of peaceful mass movement and mobilisation and the potential of this to effect deep, positive and lasting social change at grassroots level.