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Dan Daw


Dan Daw is a UK-based disabled performer, working collaboratively with a growing network of artists to develop new work for UK and international audiences. Beginning his dance career in 2002 with Restless Dance Theatre, he has danced with companies such as FRONTLINEdance, Scottish Dance Theatre, Force Majeure, Candoco Dance Company and Skånes Dansteater.Dan has performed in works by Kat Worth, Garry Stewart, Michael Whaites, Wendy Houstoun, Nigel Charnock, Sarah Michelson, Marc Brew, Claire Cunnningham, Raphael Bonacella, Rachid Ouramdane, Trisha Brown, Javier de Frutos and Martin Forsberg/Jenny Nordberg/Chrisander Brun.

Following a collaboration earlier this year at Skånes Dansteater,  Dan will continue to work with Swedish choreographer Martin Forsberg and designer Jenny Nordberg at Metal Peterborough to research and develop ideas toward a new solo, BRANDED BEAST. Based on Tod Browning’s FREAKS (1932) and the photography of Diane Arbus, Joel-Peter Witkin and Gregory Crewdson, BRANDED BEAST will explore degrees of “wrongness”; the sliding scale between right and wrong – reflecting the social/political relationship to difference or the other – disability, sexual orientation, race, and belief systems.

This Time and Space residency marks his second collaboration with Martin and Jenny and is funded by Arts Council England.