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Denise Kehoe

Denise Kehoe’s practice playfully deconstructs the self-censorship evident on social media platforms. Her work considers the relationship of self-editing and hyper reality to the wider post-truth landscape. She is concerned with revealing the embarrassing truths and mundane frustrations of the everyday. Hence, her work is inclined to showcase the pissy weather and shitty house-share behind the filtered selfie. Denise’s work explores millennial identity and typification through wonky animations, sculptures, drawing or whatever else is around. Positioning herself as an elderly young person, Denise explores her own stuckness in a zeitgeist of digital acceleration.

Whilst in residence at Metal Denise will be working on her new project ‘Blandscape’, a reflection on her own -quite archetypal- experience of millennialhood. Denise describes herself as a house sharing, entitled, politically sensitive and unsatisfied member of this demographic. Blandscape will reflect her macro/ micro relationship with the politics, society, stereotyping and identity of generation Y.