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Detta Danford and Natasha Zielazinski

Detta Danford and Natasha Zielazinski

Detta Danford and Natasha Zielazinski are musicians with a shared collaborative practice. As artists they are driven by an interest and curiosity about sound – how do we listen and how do we find new ways of interrogating the ways we listen to sound and to each other? Their work is concerned with environmental sound and field recording, with blend and otherness, and with juxtapositions and layers which create sonic spaces of inquiry for an audience. Collaboration is central to their practice and approach – working with each other, with other composers and sound artists, with artists from other disciplines, with amateurs and non-artists from diverse communities, or with a landscape, site or place.

Imaginary Landscapes combines field recordings with live and recorded instrumental sound (flutes and cello). The project aims at creating an inner space for the audience to encounter sound – a liminal listening experience which sits between the imaginary and the real, the strange and the familiar. They construct this experience by layering and juxtaposing site-specific recordings (real, untreated captures of environmental sound), with poetic, evocative and human responses as composing and improvising artists, thus ‘documentary’ materials undergo displacement and re-positioning, and become material for imaginative work.

Detta and Natasha have shown work at major venues including Sadler’s Wells, the Southbank Centre, the Royal Court Theatre, and the Barbican Centre. They have worked extensively with filmmaker Eelyn Lee, on her projects Monster and Creature of the Estuary. Detta and Natasha are professors at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama as well as teaching and leading projects internationally. Most recently they have worked with the New York Philharmonic, Tokyo College of Music, Greek National Opera and The Royal Conservatoire, (The Hague).