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Metal New Artist Network : Early Career Artists Research Project

FIRST EVENT : What 2 Do Online with Travis Alabanza.
Click here to see what happened!

SECOND EVENT : Getting Paid with Kei Maye and Emma Edmondson.
Thurs 10 September.
Full details coming soon.


About Metal New Artist Network.

Over the next few years Metal is looking to further develop a programme of support for early career artists, those in their first few years of defining themselves as an artist. Though not exclusively, we are particularly interested in how we can help early career artists who live or work in our host cities of Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend on Sea. Below are our current programmes that support those in the first few years of their artistic career.

To have your say about how we should develop our future programme please sign up to Metal New Artist Network newsletter by clicking here.
You will also be asked to fill in a survey in order to register – just a few questions that will help us shape any offer, to help make sure we get it right.

Early career artists can include:
● those who are aged 18+ in their 1st to 4th year of creative practice, post-student status (if applicable)
● those who left school and did not enter Higher Education but still keep up a regular creative practice
● those who have recently graduated in the past three years
● those who have entered the arts later in life after pursuing a different occupation and are within the first four years of this.

The artist will have reached a critical moment in their career development, have limited track record of creating and presenting full work and will require a particular kind of support in order to maximise their potential and to propel them into the next phase of their development. When we say artists, we mean artists from all disciplines; theatre, visual art, film, music, writing or a mixture of some or all. We realise this can be a particularly difficult time where artists can face many barriers to keeping up their practice.

Metal are particularly interested in supporting artists from diverse backgrounds, with unique personal perspectives to offer.
If you’re unsure whether you fall into the early career category please get in touch with the site most local to you.

What we currently offer:

Information sharing
Newsletter: A bi-monthly newsletter bringing together opportunities for Early Career artists from across our 3 locations. Each newsletter will include details of our next training / networking opportunities, what will be coming up from Metal and, where appropriate, from local and national cultural partners, a creative challenge and a small introduction to a few
early career artists from our host cities. To sign up for the newsletter and other opportunities listed click here.

One section of the training workshops is dedicated to networking with artists from each of the Metal sites. Within these networking sessions are opportunities for artists to share what they are up to, share the results from the bi-monthly creative challenge and offer support to each other.
Each of our sites hosts a physical, quarterly networking event. Future Network (Peterborough), Future Station (Liverpool) and Future Park (Southend). Each varies according to the location but they are FREE and it is an opportunity to meet and find out about other creatives.

Future Network Shorts:
A monthly virtual event co-programmed by our teams across the UK (in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend). This programme takes inspiration from our existing quarterly networking meetings at our sites.
On the last Thursday of each month (across the course of a year), we invite 6 x artists to host 10 minute sharings of their work online, delivered across a mix of virtual platforms.
We look forward to performances, conversations and experiments from artists across the UK, with a wide range of art forms being showcased digitally. For further details on this programme, click here.

At Metal we refer to an artists’ residency as time away from your usual environment, at one of our venues, to focus on developing an area of your practice. They provide a time of reflection, research, presentation and/or production. For us, the focus for the residency is led by the artist.

During the Covid-19 crisis our usual Time and Space residency programme is paused – and we have re-framed our offer to launch 18 Remote Residencies, each with a £1000 stipend, over the course of the Summer 2020. For more information on our Remote Residencies, click here.

Access to seeing work in the making:
Metal hosts artists of all disciplines who are creating work. Often these artists are keen to share their work in progress to a small, invited audience (scratch sharings) to get feedback on what works, what doesn’t. It’s a great chance to see work, network and find out about other artists’ practice, even if it’s not your art form. If you would like to be invited to these scratch events please sign up to our early career newsletter and we will send you details. To join the newsletter, fill out this short survey.

Coming Soon!
Training opportunities – talks and workshops
Over the next year we will be piloting a number of free online talks and workshops focusing on the mechanics of starting your career as an artist. It’s a chance to hear from experts and peers and ask for advice. Have your say on what the themes for the talks are by completing the questionnaire and signing up to the newsletter. Each workshop will include a top-tips
summary offered by the invited speaker.