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Eleanor Clare & Dillan Marsh

February 2016

During their Time & Space residency at Metal in Southend, Eleanor Clare & Dillan Marsh are looking forward to discovering more about the unique landscape of the estuary around Southend on Sea, situated at the mouth of the ocean.

“For us, the location connects to our interest in the concept of portals: from the making of to the meaning of, the conscious to the subconscious, the sensate to the imagined, and travel through time and space. This began with research into the connections between sculpture in landscape and ancient monuments, and the ritualistic functions of these, and has encompassed a wider consideration of our selves in relation to the land/the planet.

“We have used various processes to move between poles and reflect upon these things, such as a spinning ritual in the work Comedy and Tragedy, disorienting our sense of space and direction, and moulding clay through two poke holes in the exhibition The Travels of the Toucher, obscuring our vision and partially inhibiting our physical freedom in relation to the work.

“Recently, we took a trip out to the ancient shrine of Tigh na Cailleach, and discovered that the journey somehow reflected our experiments in clay – we were fully absorbed in the activity of moulding the clay, or travelling to the site, but once we had arrived, we were not sure what to do next – a similar feeling to contemplating what one has done in the studio, what it means or what it does, and how that might function as a work of art in another context. ”

Eleanor Clare and Dillan Marsh currently live in Bergen, and have been producing works together since 2013, a collaboration which began as an investigation into how making artwork and writing can mutually influence one another in the understanding of meaning, development of form and structure. We frequently work with collage – of images, sound, in text, and through producing multi-media installation. We collect visual and written material, and from this create new text, images, objects, sound work and video. We assemble the new work with selections from the collected material.

Clare received MA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2011, and Marsh MA Visual Art from Bergen School of Art in 2011. They have produced collaborative work for the following organisations: Stifelsen 3,14, Bergen 2016; Assembly House Leeds, 2015; Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 2015; Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2015; ASC Gallery, London, 2014; Deuxpiece/Büro für Problem, Basel, 2014; and Apis Press, Bergen, 2013.

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