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Emy Parsons

Emy Parsons is a Spoken Word artist, Composer, BBC featured poet and Musician born and raised in Essex. Emy has featured in the list of TOP 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women 2019. She also won the Undiscovered UK Spoken Word artist award in the same year. Emy’s honest writing approach and dark humour delves into the minds of everyday people as well as her own wired brain.  All episodes of Emy’s Mental Health and Neurodiversity Podcast “Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix Me” are available now on Spotify and ITunes.

As a working-class writer and performer, Emy will use her residency to launch a collection of poems and songs that represent her as a Neurodiverse artist. She hopes her work will shine a light on the positive attributes that come with living with an ADHD brain.