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Eve Stainton

Eve Stainton is an artist working with movement, the process of creating performance, and digital collage. Her practice often takes the shape of queer and very intimate collaborations enquiring into/ exploiting the influx of desire and vulnerability as a form of protest in response to restrictive normative positions. She co founded The Uncollective in 2013 with Michael Kitchin and for the last 2 years has been in a relationship and closely collaborating with visual artist and choreographer Florence Peake. More recently, Eve has been creating digital collage images and video. Conceptually Eve views this practice as holding/ manifesting a sci-fi space where alterations of the self can exist outside of normative perception; an alternative way to view and embody the form of choreography and abstraction when dealing with implicating the queer self. Intrigued by the potentialities of the materiality of the body with the intangible digital, post-human space.

Eve is in the early stages of developing a solo performance work with conceptual starting points: SPIDERS|REVENGE|QUEERNESS. Interested in the spider as a metaphor to discuss the lesbian body as a social threat and hauntology as a philosophy to imagine sexuality, displacement and otherness. Eve will be interrogating ‘queer aesthetics’ in terms of what is acceptable/deemed queer and is responding to shamed complex emotional states; codependency, jealousy, particularly revenge.
How to talk about the complexities of queer identities and their uncodable, poetic presence.