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Gold Maria Akanbi

Gold Maria Akanbi is a British-Nigerian Neurodiverse artist working and studying in Liverpool. Her work touches upon and is inspired by sexual feminism, epigenetic trauma and alternative healing modalities, the decolonisation of history and nature, psychogeography and spirituality. Though Gold’s work focuses heavily on identity, it looks to speak to a much broader audience through a diverse array of sensory stimulating works such as painting, performance, film, collage, installation, workshop facilitation and book making through the art of gift giving.


Gold facilitated a workshop at Arebyte Gallery in July 2019, where she carried out guided group meditations and spiritual body readings, similar to reiki, with the audience. The audience included both members of the public as well as art professionals and the gallery managers and assistants. In September 2020, Gold’s work was solo exhibited at OUTPUT Gallery which was a combination of installation, collage and paintings. By fully immersing the space in her work, Gold was able to stimulate the senses and minds of the audience, whilst achieving social distancing both online and in real life.


Though new to the art of book-making as a gift giving and social interaction, Gold believes that this new found form of art allows the audience to not only experience the tactility of her impasto paintings but they also have the ability to read and and feel the words on the page. 


As a multidisciplinary artist, Gold is often looking for new ways to engage with the public about her work. Whether through exhibitions, spoken word events, online festivals, workshops or book-making, Gold always aims to create a sensory experience for her audience in a way that feedback and interaction is appreciated.


Gold wants to use her remote residency to help curate a poetry book with submissions from the public and wishes to audibly use this poetry to form the backdrop of a live painting on Instagram, reflecting the pieces and the bondage everyone is feeling during the pandemic, alongside fear that arises from this. Gold also hopes to create a guided meditation whilst walking through The Botanical Gardens, to encourage healing through nature and fresh air, adding a more wholesome approach to facilitate care once the rawness of human emotion is touched upon through poetry. Gold wishes to create a conceptual dance piece to explore how one can find personal expression and the unbinding of oneself through their environments, even when alone. 


Gold is working on a poetry and experimental writing book about the ways in which the pandemic has caused physical restrictions but also feelings of internal bondage. For some, this has been a cataclysmic event. For others, it has been comforting to be bound to their homes, family and lovers. There is no right way that we are meant to feel. 

Poetry entries should be no more than 50 lines and experimental writing should be no more than approx. 500 words. Please send yours to:

Closing date: 23 February.