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Hwa Young Jung

Hwa Young is a socially engaged artist who works with people to co-create projects, often with a focus on using games and play to explore social issues, creating a common ground for diverse disciplines and divergent communities to come together and make something new. She work in public spaces, using familiar ‘found formats’ (boardgame, card game, calendar, tea towel, improv night) to encapsulate the work created with collaborators.

During her time at Metal, she will be exploring ideas of labour and productivity in the arts. This project is further development from the Time & Space residency Re:Work the Good Life, and Spoon Run, a response to shifting work patterns and norms during COVID-19 in the form of a boardgame. She will co-create with staff at Metal, a response to the highs, lows, possibilities, hurdles and opportunities for radical change in the working environment. Examining working conditions is her response to the climate crisis, as a starting point to rethink the dominant narrative of what is ‘good work’ from the perspective from capitalism to care.