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Imagined Futures

Imagined Futures is a collaboration between dance artists Ina Dokmo, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and visual artist Charlie Hope.

A study of dualism, repetition and pattern, rhythm and connection, super imposed on an image of what the future might hold.

As we shift through visual and felt realities, moving back and forth between the physical and imagined realms, how do we look to the future and with what curiosity must we continue?

One part of our research involves exploring the Zen and myofascial-meridians, associating the research through other fields of knowledge and using it as a way of shaping movement and performativity. During the residency we are developing landscapes of light, choreography, sound and voice. We will be exploring audience agency and developing an interactive lighting system.

Since 2012 Ina Dokmo has been developing her movement research into the Zen meridians connecting that knowledge to other fields of interests and perceived truths, making choreographies, exhibitions, teaching workshops as well as using it in her shiatsu practice. In 2012 Ina also started to build a residency in an old barn in Bokenäs, Sweden. This choreography residency has potential of being a small scale research place, intimate and decentralized. It is her base of research, and a place to where other dance-artists regularly arrive to explore.

Graduating from Laban, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome has been making and performing her own choreographic works around Europe and England. She’s focused on uniting and questioning the close worlds of visual art, dance and choreography. Her practice has been mainly collaborative, focusing on developing coherent changing physicality’s, with attention to time and space, using both set and improvised material, an on going research into the aliveness of the body in performance. She is founding member of London Topophobia performance night, uniting artistic communities and opening dialogues throughout the London underground performance scene.

Charlie Hope lives in London. His practice is often collaborative, working across different disciplines with electronics, light, and video making performance and installation based work. His interest is in engineering and manipulating consumer technology with a focus on constructing situations which challenge our understanding of surrounding social and political systems and our changing environment. Charlie is also a founding member of London Topophobia performance night.