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Jagjit (aka Jai) Chuhan

Metal Liverpool is happy to host a new Time & Space artist Jagjit (aka Jai) Chuhan, a visual artist who has dedicated her life to the mysterious world of figurative paintings.

Her paintings and drawings focus on a study of the human form, including an exploration of generations and journeys, responding to people and the sense of an interior life within the environment of shifting cultural heritage. Jai’s work has contributed to pluralistic perceptions of the intercultural element in contemporary art in both local and globalised contexts. Her exhibitions are recognized internationally (e.g. in Italy, Sweden, China) and in the UK (e.g. Barbican, London; Arnolfini, Bristol), with her paintings in collections including the Arts Council Collection. A series of her paintings in the New North exhibition at Tate Liverpool (1990) led to her contributing to Tate Liverpool is 25 exhibition at Tate Liverpool (2013).

Her new work at Metal residence will explore the representation of the human presence in public spaces, specifically focusing on the lone figure in relation to groups in places such as railway stations and train journeys. The work is set to explore a sense of social alienation, self-contemplation and a fascination with ‘people watching’. Jai aims to examine notions of place with historical references in contrast to notions of non-place comprising anonymous and ubiquitous sites. She also explores the juxtapositions of people reflecting different characteristics, as age, gender and ethnicity in these places to reflect the cross-cultural nature of increasingly globalised societies.