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Jemima Hoadley

Whilst in residence choreographer, performer and dance leader Jemima Hoadley will explore her relationship with her two children, Nathan and Blaise, her identity as a busy dancing mother and role as a carer to her son, who has Down’s syndrome and Type 1 diabetes.

Jemima is interested in telling the story of her son Nathan and the profound impact he has on her life, she is also interested in bringing difference and vulnerability into the mainstream, to explore what participation can be and create something that isn’t made FOR the mainstream.

‘Being a carer is not a sexy role. It’s not desirable. It’s not actually something that I wanted or chose, but I am a carer and I always will be.  It has it’s rewards and one of these is that I get to know and love someone with a learning disability.  Sometimes it absolutely sucks, like at 4am when I’m climbing down stairs to check blood glucose levels or being completely humiliated in a public place when I’m running after my son who has got an impulse to disappear.  I hope that I can explore some of the highs and lows, with my son and daughter, through movement, dance, music, film and discussion.’

Instagram: jemima_ley

Twitter: @JemimaHoadley