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Kate Genever


Kate Genever is a multi-disciplinary artist and a farmer, who with her family, runs a traditional mixed farm in South Lincolnshire. As an artist, she works internationally, considering how we improvise and imagine. Over extended periods be it in farms, refuges, libraries, caravan parks, lockdown…… she focuses on what we create to cope with our immediate problems. And in doing so builds deep connections with people through the celebration and support of site-specific DIY responses, architectures and community actions.

Drawing from, with and together is at the core of and catalyst for this work. I try to make sense of the world through drawing. I take drawing to be more than a technique – rather a disposition that reveals our connections with the world of materials and each other. This results in process led, often co-produced works that utilises vastly different methods including: ceramics, photography, flags, participation, prints and projections.

During her residency Kate will build on recent work: You and I are tangled up together which was undertaken with the farming community and countryside specialists surrounding Peterborough.

Kate imagines her residency in 2 parts:

  1. The researching of historic and contemporary individual and communities distillation of place into functional cultural artefacts and architectures that are deeply representative – rather than just representations.
  2. The creation of experimental artworks and events that respond to findings and showcase lives seldom elevated.

Commissions and exhibitions include: Whose Culture? (2021): Peterborough Cultural Strategy Group; Encyclopaedia of Us (2019 – ongoing) 3 Ways East. Hull; Consequences (2020) Metal; Made by Hands (2020) Rotterdam; The John Ruskin Prize (2019); Who Cares? (2018/19) Lakeland Arts; Leap of Faith (2018) Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Manchester Met University; Museum of Contemporary Farming (2018) Museum of English Rural Life and Exchange (2017) The Turner Prize and Ferens Art Gallery.

Kate’s work has been included in publications such as: Re-imaging Rurality [2018, ORO Editions] and The Journal of Arts and Communities [2016, Intellect Books]

Photo Credit – (Kate and Lamb) Lucy Glenn