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Katharine Lazenby

Katharine Lazenby’s diverse practice includes printmaking, collage, site-specific installation, photography and painting, her work is driven by a preoccupation with the visual articulation of combined fragments, often making use of  found’ material, objects, or environments. She is interested in how the ‘part’ affects our reading of the ‘whole’ and how ‘meaning’ or coherence is made by an act of piecing together.

In her most recent work she has been using instant photography to capture graphic fragments of the everyday, revealing the abstract patterns she see’s around her and framing what is easily overlooked. Katharine is inspired by people, places and how familiarity or negative experience can disconnect us from the beauty and intricacy in the environments we are most familiar with.

For Katharine, a camera in her hand provides a reminder to slow down, to take notice of her surroundings, to pause and connect with the here and now. She is looking forward to meeting people in Peterborough and running workshops around these themes and her interests.