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Katriona Beales

In 2008 Metal commissioned Katriona Beales to create a permanent installation for the ceiling of the new performance space on Platforms 3 & 4 at Edge Hill Station. Drawing inspiration from early map-makers attempts to depict new worlds and the history of Edge Hill station as the place where the first railway journeys began, Into Far Lands comments on the potential of the performance space to house it’s own exploration of new territories through the arts.

“I’ve been inspired by the history of Edge Hill as the very first passenger station – if you like a site summarising the beginning of journeys into the unknown. Imagine what it must have been like for the very first passengers…. I’ve drawn parallels to the map makers of the new world, like Abraham Ortelius and Sebastian Munster, who were trying as cartographers to map a world yet to be fully explored. To me, this also speaks of the artistic journey into the far lands of the imagination – a journey where yet again Edge Hill can be a place of beginnings, this time in it’s most recent guise as a creative and cultural hub.”

Katriona Beales is a visual artist based at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK.  She is interested in ideas of home, exile and belonging; communication across borders both literal and cultural; how certain current events act as a prism summarising and dividing issues; and the power of the real amongst other things.  She makes mixed-media artworks – mostly collage, assemblage, sculpture and installation.  She has exhibited internationally in Israel and Ireland and is looking to do more of that.

Katriona is a founding member of two artists groups.  POST is a collective of 7 women artists from Merseyside, developing links with Linz in Austria. The Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station is a group of artists based at the Bluecoat currently running a program of events from the Barbershop space.

Image credit Imran Ali