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Kelly Green

London born and bred, Kelly is a working-class queer single mum, dyslexic, academic and performance artist. She is a noisy, feisty, hot mess. Her performance work is fun, interactive and is always about class and gender.

CHAV Kelly’s 1st solo show was developed on Camden People’s Theatre Starting Blocks 2018 & was an interactive autobiographical show about dragging class & the struggles of being a working class single mum in the arts & academia.

Kelly is currently a PhD student with Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Her practice-as-research project playfully explores performance aesthetics and investigates how art forms relate to our cultural and political identity.

Kelly’s practice is embedded in social engagement. She has been the artist-in-residence with the Live Art Development Agency, researching class and cultural privilege and the artist-in-residence with Canterbury Christ Church University for their Tate Exchange project exploring social marginalisation.

During her residency here at Metal Kelly will develop her ideas and writing for her new show S.L.A.G.  A new autobiographical,  feminist  and interactive show exploring the sexualisation of  women and girls and how that impacts their relationship to their sexuality.