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Kitty Fedorec (Change Maker Artist)

Personal. Political. Geographical.

Is a making of a mix tape.
Is a shifting from groupie to leader.
Is the illusion of borders.
Is a game of Risk played on a shifting map.
Is drawing together ideas around origin, nostalgia, rising nationalism across Europe, and cycles of conflict; is inspired by the current political situation in Eastern Europe, historical echoes, thoughts around my grandparents refugee experience, a geopolitical theory from the start of the twentieth century, and the music and obsessive fan-base of the Sisters of Mercy.

Is becoming an apex predator. Is the same song being played again and again at different points in time and place. Is a ritual to take on the mantle of shaman and protector. Is a boombox from the year the Berlin Wall came down. Is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Is an acknowledgement of vulnerability. Is a face that shines.

“Who rules Eastern Europe commands the heartland… commands the world.” Halford John Mackinder


Kitty Fedorec is a performer and creator, with a strong interest in the relationship between dance, place and the mind. Her work is informed by her relationship with mental health and neuro-atypicality. It looks at the need of humans to control their environments, internal and external, and how that becomes expressed through a spectrum of behaviours. It ties the socially acceptable religious and superstitious behaviours to the unacceptable behaviours that spring from mental illness.

While at Metal Kitty is particularly interested in having conversations with people who have identified as part of an outsider sub-culture, such as punk, goth, grebo, metal, crusty, emo, indy etc.