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KlangHaus is a partnership  between musicians/sound artists The Neutrinos and visual artist Sal Pittman. As a collective they work with old, often unsung derelict historic buildings, to create unique events via cinematic installations for small audiences that increase awareness of its history amongst new audiences. They have developed projects at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London, Old Queens Street Bus Depot, Colchester, and at St George’s Works in Norwich.


Klanghaus will work alongside Metal (Peterborough) as they develop plans for Whitworths Mill. During the initial stages of their residency they will research the building – its structure, its history, its function, its location, its stories, its ghosts, its resonances, its light. Subject to funding, they will use this to inspire a 360˚ immersive promenade KlangHaus performance using projection, light, voices, footage found, instruments brought and found, electronics, text, super graphics, shadow and imagined scent. Working with the archives and historians, the aim will be to weave these elements into a coherent 1-hour show on sale to the public, made to commemorate, celebrate and explore this historic space and its place in time as it is reinvented for the 21st Century.





Sudden Death Milling


‘Wheat dust gets on your chest’

Flour you can seem to digest


There was dust on the floor but no footprints, seriously, I know I heard footsteps”.


What did it smell like?

Normal…..a pleasant smell

‘You keep these places very clean’


Exhausting the air is crucial, to stop the chance of an explosion.

You need lots of exhaust to keep flour where it should be’.


The former flour mill was one of three mills and warehouses constructed in approximately 1850 by Earl Fitzwilliam. It is listed in the ‘’Buildings of Local Interest”. It was leased by Cadge and Colman from 1850 and then acquired by the Wellingborough-based baking products manufacturer Whitworths in 1936. It functioned as a working flour Mill until the late 1900’s when Whitworths moved to a new Mill in Dogsthorpe, Peterborough. They continued to use the old Mill as a store until approx. 2010.

For details about the development of Whitworths Flour Mill click here.