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Lamphouse Theatre

Lamphouse Theatre is made up of writer / producer Becky Owen – Fisher and director Tom Fox. They’re committed to making inspiring, surprising work for Peterborough, and touring productions locally as well as nationally. Founded in 2013, they have been making regular work since 2017. 


Lamphouse produce an annual pantomime-alternative tour; they have created shows for two of Peterborough’s popular festivals and have worked with the community on ambitious large scale performances. Their largest engagement project to date has been Hampton Folk Tales, which included workshops, events and the formation of a young theatre company. The project culminated in a precession and festival with performances from schools and the young theatre company. 


During their remote residency Becky and Tom will be researching and developing a new show ‘Queen Neville’ 


“You know Queen Elizabeth I? Ginger hair, big dresses, lots of makeup. You know her. Ok, so now imagine that she wasn’t actually Queen Elizabeth I at all, she was in fact a boy called Neville. 


Mad Isn’t It? It’s an urban legend conspiracy theory, rooted by none other than Bram Stoker (Yep, that’s Bram Stoker). According to Bram, young Elizabeth died, just as her father Henry VII was about to visit. In a panic, the house staff replaced her with a boy form the local village, in a dress.”


They will be investigating the story and finding innovative unusual and unexpected methods for presenting it though live music and comedy. The story caught their interest as it deals with disguise, pretence, subterfuge, power play and  dressing up! They want to further look into the link between the evolution and manipulation of people’s fundamental beliefs and our fascination of conspiracy, falsehoods and / or cover-ups. 

Headshot image credit: Thomas Byron Photography

Lamphouse Showreel 2017 – 2020: