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Lucia Dove

Living and working between Southend-on-Sea and the Netherlands, Lucia Dove writes at the intersection of space, memory and heritage. Her project Floodlines, a work comprising of experimental non-fiction, reportage, poetry and photography, explores the common cultural memory and (psycho-)geographical landscape between Essex and the Netherlands in relation to the North Sea Flood of 1953.

During her residency in January, she will write and carry out field research to creatively and critically respond to the historical, natural, social and cultural conditions of the flood, which devastated both places on the 31st January and the 1st of February 1953, whilst addressing themes such as interconnectivity, the metaphorical and material effects of water, fluidity and memory landscapes. The book will be published in 2020 by Wivenhoe-based independent publishers Dunlin Press.

Lucia Dove is a writer from Southend-on-Sea, living in the Netherlands. Her debut poetry pamphlet Say cucumber is published with Broken Sleep Books (2019) and her work has previously appeared in The Tangerine, The Poetry Review, Bedtime Stories for the End of the World and Tentacular. Her project Floodlines is forthcoming with Dunlin Press.