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Mandy Romero

Mandy Romero is a North-West-based artist who has been working in the medium of transgender performance since 2001, concentrating her creativity on taking trans-performance beyond an increasingly conventionalized drag into more nuanced and complex forms. One continuity in Mandy’s work has been a regular recourse to image-creation and collaborations with photographers. This has satisfied for Mandy the triple needs of documentation, engagement with artifice and the exploration of physical contexts. As can be seen from her website, this has had a considerable international dimension, most recently in the exhibition of work across Central Asia which was part of “Homotopia 2019” in Liverpool. Mandy has also worked on various photo- and film-image collaborations in China, Finland, the USA, and the UK. 

Mandy has always pursued the idea of taking trans into the public domain to negotiate a safe and magical relationship with others. It is her belief that trans performance has the capability to apply its artifice to creating parallel and alternative realities for audiences and participants. This is a kind of magic realism which is also effectively a queering of public space, and, not coincidentally, as a broadcaster Mandy worked on the “Queering The City” Project as part of Homotopia 2020. 

Mandy believes herself to have been an early adventurer in intimate performances, when she originated in 2011, with the support of Austrian company Die Fabrikanten, the event “Tranny Hotel” which involved a festival of intimate performance in rooms in the Liverpool Adelphi Hotel. She was then invited by the company to undertake more such performance in Vienna as part of their “Hotel Obscura” project. In 2016 Mandy curated the weekend Live Art Festival “Beyond Bloodlines” for the Cockpit Theatre in London.  

Many of Mandy’s performance projects in the 2010’s were theatre-based and autobiographical and Mandy rejoiced in developing an element of writing for performance. During that period Mandy began to write for online trans publications and to maintain a blog on trans issues. An ongoing work is concerned with “the Poetics Of Transgender”.