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Mark Donne, Fiona O’Shaugnessey and Drew McConnell

In Limbic

Mark, Drew and Fiona are collaboratively developing a multi-screen film installation featuring elements of new musical composition & performance, in reply to the scientific term “Anthropocene” and an evidence based reaction to existence in the Anthropocene age. The project will work as a telluric, interplaying series of filmed vignettes with a standout/abstract performance as centrepiece.
The project will specifically look at and meditate upon two objective/researched/evidenced spheres of anthropocentric chaos: a female human mental health emergency and the impact of unnatural factors on whales, and the reactive capacities of both to external traumatic factors.
​The ultimate work will be researched, recorded and presented in 3 territories. ​

MARK DONNE is an artist film-maker & director. His feature documentaries have won various awards & official festival selections across 41 international territories. His short films & installations have been commissioned by TATE, The Guardian and Estuary Festival.

FIONA O’SHAUGHNESSEY is an actor & performer. Her most notable television & film roles include the lead protagonist in “Utopia” (Channel 4) &”Nina Forever”. Her theatrical residencies include runs at The Gate (Dublin) & The Geffen Playhouse (LA).

DREW MCCONNELL is a musician, song writer & composer most noted as founder member & joint songwriter with “Babyshambles”. He has an independent, revolving musical project “Helsinki” featuring contributions from a wide range of artists, and is presently performing with Liam Gallagher.