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Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis is a musician and sound-artist based in London. Key areas of interest include the politics of sound, Foley, urbanism, notation and alternative methods of media distribution. His work is most often focused on particular physical sites, or around particular social issues, such as regeneration and street vending.

As part of his residency Matt is working with local residents of Welland in Dogsthorpe and those from the new Cardea estate in Stanground to develop 3 separate audio installations and an evolving user content generated on-line composition.

The design of each installation will be developed through a series of workshops in which residents will explore sound and noise in their neighbourhoods. Through the medium of recording, participants will consider their relationship with their surroundings and their city. In particular, participants will explore such issues as noise and antisocial behaviour, acoustic ecology, sound and the environment and town planning.

In addition to workshops the project will involve the participation of local council officers, acousticians and sound designers. The on-line element will allow community members to upload recordings, thereby offering an ongoing legacy.

The project seeks to test out the potential for sound based work and acoustic design to confront and explore social issues, reflecting the possibilities for new forms of collaboration between artists, local authorities and their communities.


Matt Lewis was also one of our commissioned artists for Metal’s Harvest Festival  – Read more about his commission here.


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