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Maz Murray

Maz Murray is an artist from and living in Basildon, Essex. Maz works with film, performance, installation and writing. They try to use satire, surrealism, melodrama and humour to talk about queer and trans identity, class and the erosion of public life. Maz is interested in repurposing and subverting pop cultural tropes by scrappily mimicking the forms of music video, TV documentary, talk show, social media content and cinema. They are also one half of the right lube, a cultural criticism platform and (currently online) trans social space. They make reviews, videos, memes and essays about art washing and the commodification of trans identities. They also offer support and advice for trans folks to access HRT. 


During their residency, Maz wants to  develop a project on transmasculinity and the figure of the Essex geezer. In the long term, Maz wants to create a film on the subject, but would use this residency as a chance for research and artistic experimentation. Maz wants to spend time talking to trans people in Essex about their relationship to a specific and often maligned Essex form of gender binary: the Essex geezer and the Essex bird. They are interested in the performance and artificiality placed on these cisgender identities (compared to more respectable gender presentations). 


Maz wants to dig into the parallel of the current demonisation and criminalisation of trans people, compared to a focus 10 years ago on the ‘chav’ figure who occupied a similar bogey-man position in the popular imagination, and what this means for working class trans people who sit at the intersection of these identities. 


The residency will give Maz time and resources to find new collaborators, such as trans actors and interviewees. It will also allow them to develop ephemera which will make for a more immersive experience than film alone. These will take the form of short video skits, drawings and written work to be published online, and as zines and postcards to be sent to the public via post. Through this Maz wants to reach new audiences for their work in Essex and allow communication between trans and cis people outside of a harmful media landscape.


Follow Maz on social media @maz_murray