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Nastassja & Sophia Simensky

Nasstassja and Sophia used their Time & Space¬†residency¬†to interrogate shared concerns and methodologies and to explore new directions within their individual practices. Sophia’s practice is primarily concerned with performance in un-conventional spaces, using theatrical reference points she explores the cross-over between theatre and fine art practices. Nastassja uses found and archival material, anecdotes and field research to examine the notion of humanness in its absurdity, banality, tragedy, resilience and humour: creating a visual script through a process of accumulation and appropriation.

In August they held an event to consolidate some of this thinking: “We were interested in the transience and longevity of a project identifying different kinds of productivity and labour through collaboration and research led work. There was a mutual interest in the idea of temporary communities, communality and how we might create an on going series of forums and events alongside a more isolated studio practice. This first event is a tester and chance to establish what forms this might take, and to open up conversations amongst a group. As a point of departure, we will focus on ideas of slippage, slapstick, texture of language and a need for playfulness and humour. We would like to touch on the relationship between slapstick and current sensibilities in art production, with a sense of optimism and an embrace of failure