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Projectile Vomit

Projectile Vomit TV is a brand new station coming to screens in Liverpool and beyond. Streaming and on-demand on multiple platforms, it will bring us a taste of the weird and wonderful, featuring game shows, satire that punches up, special effects you can do at home, soap opera how-to’s, and much more. With a number of shows already in pre-production, Projectile Vomit TV is also reaching out to feature work by local, national and international artists in an anarchic melange that will challenge and uplift our mind, body and spirit.

Projectile Vomit, the group behind the station, is an artist collective from Liverpool. Since 2014 they’ve been working on stage sets, decor and projections for live events with a distinctive, almost cartoony, style and approach that values experimentation, fun and interactivity, alongside the desire to tackle issues within our community and wider society.