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Rachel Mars

Artist Rachel Mars makes performance and theatre that is primarily concerned with exploring radical forms, immediacy and moments of assembly. Her work often interrogates how political environments and cultural idiosyncrasies affect how we communicate. She is increasingly interested in investigating the queer female experience and the political possibilities of humour in performance.

Whilst in residence at Metal Rachel will be researching and developing her new performance – FORGE.

FORGE is a series of work interrogating the politics of memorial, human behaviour at sites with difficult histories, trauma tourism and how we can represent troublesome pasts onstage.

In 2014 one of the two 100kg iron ‘welcome’ gates was stolen from Dachau concentration camp. A local blacksmith made a replica. It was exactly like the original. And it wasn’t like it at all.

FORGE asks what and who memorials are for, what should happen to places where traumatic events have taken place and who decides. It asks what we desire emotionally by visiting these places, how spaces become hallowed and, if we are busy DOING memorial are we conveniently forgetting our responsibility to the present?