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Redhawk Logistica

Redhawk Logistica is an arts agency exploring cultural solutions to civic space issues. Much of the work takes the form of low tech, interventions that exist as subliminal influences within the public realm. These can take the form of signage, fly posters or advertising hoardings but highlight the positive potential of the individual rather than selling products. They record these playful interventions, which often have a second life through documentation, dissemination and exhibition.

The starting point for the Harvest commission titled ‘Our Nation’ is Norman Cross, the world’s first custom built POW camp which was located on the outskirts of Peterborough. In the early 1800’s, Napoleonic French prisoners of war located at Norman Cross made souvenirs from simple materials, such as bone and straw, to trade with local people. Today this tradition continues as inmates at HMP Peterborough, itself a unique institution, are working with us to create affordable merchandise, derived from designs by Studio ORTA. The work questions authorship, ownership and authenticity. We have chosen to donate all profits from sales to local community garden and food growing project Green Back Yard, whose land is under threat of development.