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Roberto Luzardo

Roberto Luzardo is a UK based Latin-American artist working across different mediums including performance and ceramic sculpture. He trained and worked in Venezuela as a visual artist and actor since 2002 prior immigrating to the United Kingdom in 2012. He recently completed an MFA in Fine Art from the University of the Arts London.

Roberto Luzardo is interested in what does it mean to be; what is that thing we call reality and in turn what does it mean to really exist? In language, written or spoken, there are a great deal of words that refers to the existence of things, we say: ‘you are’…‘that is’…etc. when referring to subjects and objects, but to say that something ‘is’ voluntarily or not somehow ascertain the existence of it.

In these terms, Luzardo’s artistic research is concerned with the ontology of being, particularly on what sort of beings objects of art are and what sort of reality they occupy in relation to other living things. When talking of objects, he is not just referring to those with physical properties as in the case of sculptures, but to those without physicality as well as in the case of an action; the work of Roberto Luzardo challenges a widely shared perception on objects as physical lifeless entities that are no truly participants of reality while questioning conventional ideas on personhood and identity. He presents his characters as performative things capable of life which in interaction with the viewer creates new non-physical objects.

Luzardo’s artistic practice often take the form of autobiographical explorations, resulting from the recycling of colours, forms, memories, dreams, fears and traumas from childhood in his homeland to the present day in England, which he uses both, as a channel to enquire into what does it mean to be and as a therapy through which the traumas inflicted by social constructions could be healed.